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Shooting themselves in both feet with Leveson’s ‘loaded gun’

The apparent inability of the editor of the Independent to read Lord Leveson’s letter, and his obvious inability to keep it confidential, just add a couple more arguments to the ‘indictment’.

It’s not an indictment, of course: Lord Leveson wrote informing the editors of all the criticisms that might be made. That doesn’t mean he’s going to uphold them all, and because it was a letter about possible criticisms, of course it didn’t include any balancing comments in the other direction. But if by chance it didn’t include anything on the lines of accusing the press of lazy or wilful misrepresentation, then it should now.

I suppose people wouldn’t go into journalism if they had a natural bent for keeping confidences; clearly they don’t have much of a natural bent for self-preservation either. I’d have thought that this was a really good time for a newspaper editor to note when a letter from Lord Leveson was marked confidential. Is it the long experience of riding roughshod over other people’s confidentiality that makes it impossible even to keep your own?

I suppose I should make it clear that I’m relying on a (BBC) media report of this whole thing. Maybe Mr Blackhurst has been mis-represented too …