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A new season

I’m sitting in the Charles Dickens on Union St, enjoying a high quality glass of cider, while the first game of the new Premiership season is playing on the TV. And I realise my heart is sinking.

After all these years of avid interest, after all that hope and disappointment, I find myself thinking ‘oh, that circus again’. I think it was the great Bale transfer controversy which finally pushed me too far. The idea that anyone could even think about a value for one person of 100 million euros – it’s not a world I want to be part of any more. Success in football has for a long time depended on the depth of pockets rather than anything else. I’m not a fan of the way money buys power in the rest if life – so why in football?

So though I still love sport, I can’t connect any more with this financial arm-wrestling which is the sub-text of every Premiership match. So Spurs will have to manage without me from now on (I’m sure it’ll break AVB’s heart). Enjoy, those of you who do. It’s a more interesting form of capitalism than share prices, after all. But count me out.