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It’s not about Nick Clegg! #Yes2AV for real politics (vote no for more ‘game show politics’)

FPTP: good for television, bad for people.

  • Designed to create a two party system and minimise the scope for representing the true variety of political opinions in the country.
  • Marginalises all minor parties – deliberately under-representing their voters so as to create the majority system.
  • Party leaders become quasi-presidential; party discipline quashes real discussion.
  • Creates climate in which compromise is failure and changing your mind is fatal.

AV: a step towards politics for real people

  • Politics of building consensus among a variety of viewpoints (just like the country as a whole).
  • Representation in Parliament of more diverse perspectives (just like the country as a whole).
  • Politicians who are better at negotiating and less keen on posturing (like the people we’d want to have as our managers).
  • Political recognition that running a country is not like a game show – this is real life, our lives.