I’m Jonathan Clark. I’ve been a parish priest, a university chaplain (twice) and a theological teacher, in the dioceses of London, Carlisle, Bristol and Salisbury. Then I served for ten years as Bishop of Croydon. Now I’m living in Orkney on the island of Westray, and exploring a different sort of life. I also tweet at @swarfarro

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Jonathan

    We were delighted to hear the news, which has reached us here in Weymouth via Stamwix, of your appointment as Bishop of Croydon. All good wishes to you and Alison.
    Helen and Steve Rewse

  2. Welcome to the Southwark diocese. I have been following your blog for a few months now.
    I look forward to meeting you and hearing you preach and your contribution to debate and discussion as to what it means to be church in South London
    John Francis

  3. Dear Jonathan,

    Are you the same Jonathan Clark that wrote a review of “Real Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Works of C. S. Lewis” in “Anvil” , 1990? If so, I am interested in chatting with you, if you are up for it. I am doing a dissertation at the University of Stirling on the reception of Lewis in Britain and America.

    Congratulations on your post, by the way!



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