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Holy Week, unholy deeds

‘Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains a single grain. But if it dies, it bears much fruit.’

Jesus looks forward to his own death, his sacrifice of himself. In this Holy Week we are looking forward to our celebration – yes, celebration of Good Friday. A day of torture and death which was the sowing of the seed of abundant and eternal life. Christ received into himself the hatred and violence of humanity and transformed it into its opposite.

And then Brussels. Three men it would seem sacrificed themselves as suicide bombers. A sacrifice built on hatred of European culture, a sacrifice that desires to spawn yet more hatred, and its cousin fear. This seed seeks to die in order to make a harvest as horrible as itself, hundreds of times over.

I can’t condemn anyone for anger at a time like this. It’s because I know well what anger is like that I pray that it may not set hard into hatred. That way leads to the success of the suicide bomber. The more difficult path is for anger to become the passionate search for justice, and its cousin peace.

That is the way of the cross. If we can walk in it, even falteringly, we are beginning to take the seeds of hate and transform them into love.

4 thoughts on “Holy Week, unholy deeds

  1. Thanks Jonathan. Totally agree with you about not condemning anyone – what’s the point of that? The task has got to be to understand, always to understand. What makes people I don’t understand do what they do? If I won’t seek to understand, am I at heart any better? Keep up the good work – and the good walk this Holy Week. Love and prayers.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. I totally agree with you about not condemning anyone. What does our condemnation achieve? Far better to seek to understand – always to understand. Which may be hard, when those we seek to understand refuse to understand us – but there you go, that’s still got to be our calling. If we won’t try to understand, are we at heart any different ourselves? Keep up the good work – and the good walk this Holy Week. Love and prayers from Norwich.

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