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I have enjoyed the reminiscence programmes this year – especially the ones reflecting in wonder and amazement at the UK’s amazing year of sport. The Olympics was such a success that even now more than three quarters of people in the country thought it was worthwhile – even after being reminded of the price tag. I didn’t think three quarters of people in the UK would agree about anything.

In the gaps between reminiscence, there has been prediction. What will be the main events of 2013? Who’ll be up / down / out? Will the economy feel any better? Will Andy Murray win Wimbledon? Will the royal baby be a boy or a girl? It’s a fun game, though pretty pointless, especially when you compare reality with the predictions of previous years. At least with the royal baby you’ve got a 50:50 chance of being right.

And now we’re heading for that one moment when we all try to live in the present (except those of us safely tucked up an asleep, I suppose). That second which is only different from any other because we make it so, but then gets invested with such significance – a time to make our resolutions start from (and last until Jan 10th, on average, apparently). It’s a sort of secular repentance: time to start again, do it properly this time.

Good as far as it goes, but my New Year’s resolution is not to let 00:00 01/01/13 be the only time I live in the present. Every moment can be a new start; every moment is the time of God’s grace. So may I wish you many many Happy New Years in 2013, many moments of repentance and grace. And champagne.

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