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The sun has gone down, and I am still angry.

The sun has gone down, and I am still angry. Not angry with those who voted against the legislation (how can I be angry with someone else’s conscience?), but angry that there are women called to episcopal ministry who will never get the chance. Angry at the damage that will be done to the church and its mission both because of the absence of those gifts, and also because of our inability to welcome the gift God is offering to us. Angry at being stuck here, when I can feel the Spirit beckoning us forward.

Now is not a time for ‘what next’? It’s a time to recognise our feelings for what they are, and let them be. In a little while, maybe, those of us who tonight are angry, or depressed, or despairing can return to ourselves and find the gift of God which will enable us to do whatever it is we are called to next. But not tonight.

5 thoughts on “The sun has gone down, and I am still angry.

  1. Thank you for this. Staying with the reactions is right. Tonight is not a night for a sticking plaster or a platitude or two.

  2. Notwithstanding the anger and disappointment inevitable, the amazement that 74% of synod members voted aye, but the motion still failed is set in my mind. Two thirds by houses needs to be overhauled. Simple majority in houses with two thirds overall might be a better way.

    The biggest concern is that it is common for synod and the church to look foolish, but seldom does it look as stupid as it does today.

    Most disappointing.

  3. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is a wake up call for moderate laity to not leave synod membership to “somebody else” ??

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