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Good News for Affirming Catholicism

After four years as Chair of Affirming Catholicism, I stood down at the AGM yesterday. That wasn’t the good news I had in mind, thought some people may think of it that way.

What is really good news is that I am replaced by Rev’d Dr Rosemarie Mallett, Priest in Charge of St John, Angell Town in Brixton. This isn’t the official press release, so I won’t list all of Rosemarie’s many qualities – just to say on my own account how glad and excited I am that she will help to lead AffCath as it grows and develops.

It’s been a privilege for me to Chair AffCath over the last four years. We’ve sorted out our structures, we’ve made our contribution (we hope helpfully) towards the ordination of women to the episcopate (DV), we’ve helped produce the excellent Gospel Imprint leaflets, run some excellent conferences and retreats, produced some really good books, helped to encourage vocations, and more besides. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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