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On feeling good

Well, we’ve had it both ways! The British joy of moaning and anticipating disaster before the Games, and then the joy of success during them. Never can the nation have been more united.

And that’s what’s best about the Games – from the opening ceremony onwards, they’ve helped us feel connected to one another. It takes quite a lot to force us individualistic Brits into relationship. But like nuclear fusion (well, this is a night for superlatives), when it happens it releases a lot of energy.

How many anti-Olympic Eeyores are there now? I’d keep your heads down for a while if I were you. This joy won’t be easily killed.

One thought on “On feeling good

  1. I loved the opening ceremony but us conscientious objectors can’t be minimised to Eeyores! Some of us have campaigned tirelessly (incl yourself!), not to allow innocent shopkeepers and old age pensioners, to be booted out by unethical corporate bulldozers for opportunistic Olympic profit-making gains..and let us not forget the corporate and public self denial of those bloodied hands who have profitted from these games – those who don’t even compensate people whom they’ve killed through negligence.
    I think the creativity behind any collaborative enterprise will always win the day..and yes, something positive is happening in this country to reawaken a redefined notion of community and multiculturalist patriotism, but let us never forget those who support the necessary campaigns that defend the rights of others who are being squashed by the economics and politics of these games. The Olympics, given this uber capitalist contextualisation will always be a monster with the power of uniting us through ingenious propaganda. As a leftie I cannot claim not to have fallen under it’s spell..especially under the guise of Danny Boyle’s vision. But underneath all this romanticism, should lie a human self-awareness which nurtures some healthy negative as that sounds – it is a necessary tool and contributes to the watchdog over injustices that occur within this capitalist machinery…and as a human being living in the western world, we should always be vigilant about the consequences of any global event which we all, as a community, should feel responsibility for.

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