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What a 24 hours

Home with a cup of tea, and recovering from / delighting in everything that’s happened over the last day. It started with the gorgeously sung choral evensong at Croydon Minster – and realising again what a privilege it is to be called to serve the people and churches of the Area. Then this morning – the taxi arriving at 6:45 was less of a highlight, but celebrating the 8am eucharist at the College of St Barnabas was pure joy. The breakfast’s pretty impressive, too.

Then on to the Orpheus Centre. Thanks again to the students and staff for making me so welcome. So good to see somewhere which really respected the students (who all have disabilities of one sort or another) as adults. Not just a place focusing on creative arts, but a really creative place.

There had to be one parish visit during the day – that is where the heart of the Church of England beats, after all. St Mary’s Reigate is doing the business is one of the many and varied ways that the Church of England offers. Great to get to know a bit about the parish (and to play ‘it’ with the children at the school). Looking forward to enjoying sharing the life of the other parishes across the Area.

Not done yet, by a long chalk … Then on to Croydon College, to meet the chaplaincy team and the Principal – such challenges, and opportunities, in equal measure, and such a resource for the town and the borough. On the tram (everyone pretending to ignore this man in a purple dress) to CFER to meet with representatives of other faith communities in the area. Very glad to see that we all agree about the importance of working together for social cohesion and renewal. Now looking forward to sharing a little of the life of the different communities as I’m able to visit, and develop our relationships more.

Then, wonderful civic ceremony to finish with the Croydon mayor-making, and a bash to finish.

And the best thing is, I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Bring it on! (But let me have a good night’s sleep first.)

2 thoughts on “What a 24 hours

  1. It’s such a diverse episcopal area – looking forward to welcoming you to another rural part of it soon.

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