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Ending poverty, living richly

Christian Aid Week reminds me each year how poor my life is. I am of course phenomenally well of, by global standards. Pretty good for the UK too. But there’s always the danger of impoverishing my own life – not by becoming financially poor, but by turning inwards, remembering only my own needs and concerns or those of my immediate friends and family. I know I live more richly when I am conscious that I’m part of the whole human race, and that the joys and sorrows of the whole world are to some extent mine too.

But it can be too much to bear, especially when the world’s sorrows are so great. Then the temptation to withdraw into my safe, poor little world can feel very strong. For me, it’s only prayer that keeps me strong enough to be connected to all my brothers and sisters who are God’s children like me. In prayer the world’s sorrows become God’s sorrow – and are undergirded by the joy and hope which is at the heart of God.

 So it’s really important that Christian Aid are trying to remind us that Christian Aid Week is about more than envelopes. Prayer and giving go together, intimately. Prayer unlocks the heart – and therefore also the wallet. Try it, if you dare:

You and your church can be part of a ‘prayer moment’ for Christian Aid Week that everyone can see.

We’re asking individuals to stop, reflect and text the word or phrase that’s in their heart to 70788. Your words will then appear on this page – along with hundreds of others as we create a mass prayer moment this Sunday 13 May 2012.

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