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Sitting resolutely on the fence

The London Diocesan Synod met tonight, to discuss and vote on the legislation on making women bishops – and also on other motions asking the General Synod of the Church of England to try (again!) to find a solution which would somehow satisfy both opponents and supporters. We were urged to make a clear statement to the rest of the Church – mostly by those who were hoping we would clearly state our opposition to the present proposals.

So – we rejected all the options. The proposed legislation was defeated by two votes in the house of clergy, though a majority of synod members overall were in favour. We then discussed two motions suggesting other options – and defeated those too. So the resounding message from the diocese of London? Collectively, we don’t know how to get ourselves out of the dilemma we’re in.

I suppose if we do have a message for the rest of the Church, it’s a cry for help.

3 thoughts on “Sitting resolutely on the fence

  1. This sounds so strange to a Canadian as we have enjoyed the episcopal ministry of women for years! The Americans also made the decision to consecrate women long ago. There are no doubt subtle issues and legal complication unique to the English Church that I am unaware of but surely theologically Holy Orders must be granted to or withheld from all classes of candidates as one parcel.

  2. Of course, it may be better to sit for a while on the fence to avoid being divided by the fence. However that will only work if those opposed to the present proposals act honorably – and evidence for this is scant.

  3. David Bowen,

    And both sides cry foul! My traditionalist friends are of the view that it is the ‘liberal majority’ that often don’t act honourably – and point to evidence such as the Pilling Report to back up their claims.

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